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Best of FOSE Awards - 2011

 Best of FOSE 2011

July 19–21, 2011 ● Washington Convention Center

GCN Best of FOSE Awards

Nominations Open: April 4, 2011

Deadline for Submissions:  May 27, 2011

Enter Today!

FOSE is the nation's leading showcase for the latest information technology innovations for the missions of government. The GCN Best of FOSE Awards, as judged by the editors and technology analysts at Government Computer News, highlight the most outstanding new products and services on display at FOSE available to government agencies and employees.

Who is eligible?

Candidate companies and agencies must be a product manufacturer or service provider registered as an exhibitor at the 2011 FOSE Conference & Exposition. Nominated products/services must be available for government use and on display at FOSE.

How will winners be chosen?

Government Computer News' editors and technology analysts will screen entries for validity and make every possible effort to review products/services in person at the nominating company's or agency's booth during FOSE show hours on Tuesday, July 19, until midday on Wednesday, July 20.

Nominations will be judged on four criteria:
 1) Innovation
 2) Usability, applicability for government
 3) Relative performance based on specifications
 4) Value

Winners will be announced at the FOSE Exposition on July 20, 2011, at approximately 3 p.m. (subject to change) and on GCN.com. 

What product categories will be considered?

1. Audio/Visual/Surveillance - Recording, editing, specialty surveillance equipment
2. Desktop Computers - PC's and workstations
3. Display Devices - Monitors, projectors 
4. Handheld Devices - PDAs, phones, sub-notebooks, radio devices, barcode scanners, GPS hardware
5. Networking Equipment - Switches, routers, hubs, wireless hardware networking
6. Peripherals - Scanners, multifunction devices, KVM peripheral switches, UPSs, sound systems, devices outside network hub other than printers, monitors
7. Portable PCs - Notebook computers, tablet computers
8. Security Hardware - Biometric devices, firewall appliances, token security systems
9. Security Software - Secure email programs, encryption, PKI, firewalls, virus scanning
10. Servers - Workgroup to enterprise-level hosts
11. Software for Desktop Systems - Operating systems, office suites, personal productivity applications, CAD, utility software programs
12. Software for Enterprise Systems - System software, server monitoring software, VoIP, packet routing, server-side applications
13. Software for Mobile Devices - Software services or applications, including GPS/GIS, productivity apps, database apps, or other apps designed to run on a smart phone or handheld mobile device that enhances worker productivity.
14. Storage - SANS, RAID, optical jukeboxes, portable hard drives, key drives
15. Other - Specialty technology products/services relevant to government IT that does not fit into other categories

(GCN judges reserve the right to make multiple awards within a category and/or refrain from making an awarding a winner in a given category.)

Guidelines for Nominating Products:

Entries must be submitted online by completing and submitting GCN's online nomination form at GCN.com (look for a promotional link on the GCN.com home page.)  The electronic nomination forms will be available beginning April 4, 2011.  The deadline for submitting nominations for judging is May 27, 2011.

When completing the online form, you’ll be asked to provide the following:

• Product Name/Model/Version
• Product Category
• FOSE Booth Number
• Contract Name for On-Site Representative
• Representative’s Email Address
• Representative’s Mobile Phone Number
• Whether the product/service is available on a GSA contract (for information purposes only -- availability will not be weighed as a factor in the judging.)

• Description of the product or service’s features/advantages in terms of the following criteria (in 300 words or less for each criteria area.)

A. Innovation: How does it advance the technology? What is unique about it? 
B. Usability: What new features, functions, components set it apart or make it usable for government applications? 
C. Relative performance based on specifications: How will it likely perform relative to competition, based on published specs?  
D. Value: Please provide recommended list price, intended or actual government selling price.

Please note, companies are limited to no more than five (5) product submissions per company in various categories and no more than two (2) products in a single category.

Enter Today!

Questions? Contact John Breeden at 703-891-8501 or at jbreeden@1105govinfo.com.
To learn more about exhibiting at the 2011 FOSE Conference & Exposition, in order to participate in the GCN Best of FOSE Awards program, contact Ann Belz, FOSE, at 508.532.1411 or at abelz@1105media.com