Guantanamo Bay contract stuck in ping-pong match

A contract to manage the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base has ping-ponged between Vectrus and IAP Worldwide Services over the last 14 months and the volleying isn’t over yet.


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ECS details leadership moves in wake of Wilson's retirement

With every leadership change, there is a ripple effect that resonates down through an organization.


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USAID unveils plan for climate change support contract

The U.S. Agency for International Development is setting up a new contract to help it prepare for the impact of climate change on its operations.


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Peraton back in CBP competition after contract confusion

It should be pretty common knowledge across the market by now that Peraton acquired the Northrop Grumman IT services business, but apparently the folks at U.S. Customs and Border Protection didn’t get the memo.


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DHS extends timeline to award $10B IT product vehicle

With all protests behind it for now, the Homeland Security Department is moving closer to making awards for its $10 billion FirstSource III contract vehicle.


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Is it simply better to fire the unvaccinated?

I’ll admit upfront that this post will expose my bias when it comes to COVID-19 and requirements for employees to get vaccinated.


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Gunnison builds leadership team with new hire

Gunnison Consulting Group has hired Meaghan Bouchoux Carter as senior vice president of the company’s health and civil division.


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SAIC renews battle with Leidos over $2.5B NASA IT contract

It has taken a couple months, but Science Applications International Corp. is back at the Government Accountability Office with a new protest filed Monday over a $2.5 billion NASA IT product and services contract that went to Leidos.


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Lockheed takes $250M sole source special forces win

Lockheed Martin has won a $250 million contract from the Special Operations Command for engineering and integration support.


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Macquarie Capital creates another M&A platform

Fresh of the sale of one business, Macquarie Capital is back with another acquisition of a company in the federal technology market.


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ManTech moves on its largest-ever acquisition, to pay $350M for Gryphon

ManTech International is planning its largest-ever acquisition after signing an agreement to purchase Gryphon Technologies for $350 million.


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