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Lockheed Martin


Contractors share $900M prize to develop the Army's smart combat vehicle

Two teams of contractors, one led by BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman and another by General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin Corp., share a $900 million contract to develop the technology for the Army's smart combat vehicle.

Tech companies to offer jobs, training to unemployed vets

IT companies pledge to answer the president's challenge to help 100,000 vets.

Lockheed signs energy-performance contract with DOE

Energy's agreement with Lockheed Martin is the first to use an energy-savings contract for data center consolidation and IT enhancements.

Lockheed tasked with boosting TSA airport screening technology

Lockheed Martin Corp. will provide the Transportation Security Administration with new passenger screening and security equipment across the east and central United States under two, two-year regional task orders worth a combined $72 million.

Lockheed, Northrop reach milestone in multi-billion dollar competition

Navy CANES project to consolidate ship-based networks heads for the next phase in the battle between the two defense giants.

Lockheed Martin increases sales in tough quarter

Lockheed was able to increase sales, but its information technology business saw a dip.

Lockheed plans layoffs of 6,500 employees

The company plans to reduce corportate support staff as it continues to hunt for savings.

Lockheed Martin announces more job cuts

Defense contractor announced June 30 that it will cut an additional 1,500 jobs from its airplane-making sector.

Lockheed Martin announces executive shuffle

Lockheed Martin Corp. has reassigned a number of its executives with the goal of strengthening the company's performance on high-priority programs. All of the moves will take effect Aug. 1.

Finmeccanica battles American defense giants for Air Force contract

Competition heats up for a U.S. Air Force contract to build jet trainers.

Defense contractors get a cyber assist from NSA

The National Security Agency is offering its scanning tools to protect e-mail and other digital communications for major defense contractors, as part of what could be an escalating cyber war.

Lockheed lays off 1,200 workers at space division

Lockheed Space Systems Co. announced it is restructuring its workforce to eliminate 1,200 jobs by year's end.