Robert Lohfeld


5 tips for hiring a proposal consultant

When shopping for a proposal consultant to help with a particularly heavy workload or provide additional expertise, it’s important to pay attention to five key factors, writes Bob Lohfeld of Lohfeld Consulting.


100 words that kill your proposal

Capture management expert Bob Lohfeld gives a tutorial on words to avoid when writing your bid proposal.


4 keys to better capture analytics

Bob Lohfeld offers the four critical areas for analyzing the success of your contract pursuit decisions. Do you know how to measure your wins and losses?


5 predictions for the 2020 market

Bob Lohfeld offers predictions on the future of the government market. Will things be better or worse in 2020 — or both?


What the government won't tell you about your proposal

What's left unsaid can be as important as what's said when discussing your proposal with your government customer.


Today's market demands benchmarking proposals. Here's how.

Bob Lohfeld offers advice on how to benchmark your proposals and increase your win-rates.


5 ways to shape how agencies pick winning proposals

Columnist and capture management consultant Bob Lohfeld explains the role contractors should play in helping agencies develop evaluation criteria for awarding contracts.


Why some companies embrace LPTA contracts

Lowest price, technically acceptable procurements are an opportunity for inexperienced, marginally credible firms to win business and gain a foothold in the government market.


To succeed, deliver what you promised

Once the award is in place, it falls to the performing team to meet the promises and commitments made in a company's proposal. To do this, the promises must be part of the contract execution plan, writes Bob Lofheld of Lohfeld Consulting Group.


Can you hire an effective capture manager?

Bob Lohfeld offers his best tips for finding the right person to be your company's next capture manager.


Will low-price contracting make us all losers?

Low price, technically acceptable procurements are gaining favor for services. Who does it put at risk?


10 reasons why you need capture management

A successful capture management process requires 10 fundamental activities — and don't forget the need for corporate support, writes Bob Lohfeld.


Get ready to survive contracting delays

To prepare for postponed procurements, you need to know what questions to ask your customers.


Can you afford to chase premium price? Maybe.

In this era of lowest price contracting, a price premium might seem to be a pipe dream but Robert Lohfeld's analysis shows that if the opportunity presents itself, it can be well-worth the pursuit.


Five passing grades you need to lead the pack

Planning is critical for positioning your company to win new contracts, says Bob Lohfeld, CEO of the Lohfeld Consulting Group.

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