Robert Lohfeld


How the winners won SEWP V

Procurement Expert Bob Lohfeld dives into SEWP V and analyzes NASA's process and how the contract ended up with 202 winners.

Let's stop bashing LPTA and find an alternative

The time has come to stop bashing LPTA and offer the government some creative alternatives to lower procurement costs and encourage profits.


Why some companies embrace LPTA contracts

Lowest price, technically acceptable procurements are an opportunity for inexperienced, marginally credible firms to win business and gain a foothold in the government market.


Take your proposal from good to great in 30 minutes

Proposal expert Robert Lohfeld walks you through the process for lifting a good proposal to greatness. And it only takes 30 minutes.


To succeed, deliver what you promised

Once the award is in place, it falls to the performing team to meet the promises and commitments made in a company's proposal. To do this, the promises must be part of the contract execution plan, writes Bob Lofheld of Lohfeld Consulting Group.


Can you hire an effective capture manager?

Bob Lohfeld offers his best tips for finding the right person to be your company's next capture manager.


5 ways to grab your share of the fourth-quarter rush

The government spends a third of its total annual budget in the fourth quarter, and here are five steps that can help your company grab its share of the opportunities.


Will low-price contracting make us all losers?

Low price, technically acceptable procurements are gaining favor for services. Who does it put at risk?


Contractors reshape growth strategies for 2014

Companies struggled to find growth in 2013, but many laid the foundation for a more successful 2014 and beyond. Industry expert Bob Lohfeld reviews critical changes many are making to move forward in today's market.


10 reasons why you need capture management

A successful capture management process requires 10 fundamental activities — and don't forget the need for corporate support, writes Bob Lohfeld.


How crazy subcontractors can kill your bid

Proposal expert Bob Lohfeld shares some war stories about subcontractors who torpedoed proposals, and what actions you should take to avoid the same fate.


Get ready to survive contracting delays

To prepare for postponed procurements, you need to know what questions to ask your customers.


Can you afford to chase premium price? Maybe.

In this era of lowest price contracting, a price premium might seem to be a pipe dream but Robert Lohfeld's analysis shows that if the opportunity presents itself, it can be well-worth the pursuit.


2014 realities force companies to change tactics

Government contractors face a 2014 that will be marked by budget delays, cuts and fewer procurements. The result will be stiffer competition. Companies that stick to old ways of doing business will give way to smarter, more agile competitors, writes business development expert Bob Lohfeld.


Are you ready for the peak season of MACs and GWACs?

2015 and 2016 mark the high point in a 10-year cycle of MAC and GWAC opportunities. If your company isn't ready, you might be on the sidelines for a decade or more.

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