Bill Scheessele


How to pick the right BD leaders for today's environment

Today's market is changing rapidly and in part two of a two part series we explore how to identify the right BD leader for business environment you find your company in.


Can you define business development?

BD expert Bill Scheessele explains the essence of business development and how personal integrity and a desire to see the customer succeed are the critical characteristics of a true BD professional.


A little behavioral psychology goes a long way in BD

The people part of the business development equation is just as critical as the process piece, but it is too often overlooked.


Is your company in a graveyard spiral?

Savvy business developers recognize the need to get ahead of procurements because, if you don't, you risk failure and losing whatever competitive advantage you might have had.


Major or minor in BD, but you still have to study

Career success often hinges on how you embrace your business development role, even if BD isn't listed on your business card.


How to find the BD hunters in your organization

Your best new business development hunter may already be in your organization waiting to be discovered. Here are some tips to help you find them.


Progressing through the four stages of BD

Some business development professional are unconsciously good at what they do, but how do they get to the next level of competence.


BD: It's not rocket science, it's people science

Business development might not be rocket science, but it is definitely people science, and you ignore that truth at your own peril.


How client engagement is the new model for revenue growth

Business development expert Bill Scheessele explains how important an efficient client engagement process to driving new revenue opportunities. Flying by the seat of your pants is not tip number 1.


What characteristics shape a great BD hunter?

Today's market demands that you have a strong hunter/warrior on your business development team, but do you know what to look for as you try find that person? BD guru Bill Scheessele explains the characteristics you need to be a BD hunter.


Build BD capacity by leveraging program managers

By having program managers and business development leaders work more closely together, companies can more quickly build their BD capacity and increase the number of deals they can identify and qualify as winnable.


BD isn't just about capture anymore

The government contracting world has changed significantly in the last six years, and the days of capture-driven business development driving revenue growth have gone the way of horse-drawn carriages and buggy whips.


How to Work Left, Invest Right, and Grow Revenue

Times are different, and so are the ways of winning business. Business development guru Bill Scheessele answers the question of how you can acquire new business and retain a loyal client base at the same time.


Does culture trump strategy? You bet

Strategies are fine and dandy, but if you don't address your culture your business development strategy stands little hope of success. We offer four keys to developing the right culture for today's market.

Bid smart or walk away

You need the right process to know when to bid and when to walk away.

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