Bill Scheessele

 Bill Scheessele

Bill Scheessele ( is chairman and chief executive officer at MBDi, a business development professional services firm.

Find the structure to fuel revenue growth

Whether a company's structure is organizedaround sectors, business units, divisions or groups,most government contractors find that the independentfederation model is an effective structure forbusiness development ? to a point.

Planning, process and personnel

Business development teams often struggle to reach growth targets or achieve revenue quotas. It can seem as if you are just digging yourself into a ditch while workingharder to climb out.

Prepare now, or miss opportunities later

Whether it is the integration of a recent acquisition or the new economic and political climate, change is in the wind, and business development professionals have to deal with it.

Seven keys to development success

If an organization is moving beyond the strategy of farming organic growth, it might be ready to build a precapture strategy. Most begin by looking for an individual who can deliver new business, from qualify to win.

Consistency builds customer relationships

Guest commentary: How to build your business development team.

Bill Scheessele | Hunting for a dream team

If you are asking yourself whether you would hire the same people for your business development team if you could do it over, something has gone wrong. It might be a miscommunication.